iOS Simulator & Web App

We have prepared an iPhone simulator for Android users to sign up for ProActive. The process is relatively simple, but requires a few extra steps. To avoid getting stuck, please read the entire article before proceeding.

Security Note: The iOS simulator cannot access your camera. Downloaded photos will be automatically deleted.

1. Prepare your ID

  1. Using your Android Device, take a clear and well lit photo of your valid Government ID. 
    All four corners must be visible. Selfies will be rejected.
  2. Upload the image to an online storage system, such as Google Photos or Dropbox.
  3. Return to this FAQ and start the web IOS simulator. Beginning with this step you may use a PC or your Android Device.


2. Download your ID

  1. Press TAP TO PLAY.
  2. Press the HOME BUTTON on the iPhone.
  3. Launch the web browser SAFARI (the icon looks like a compass).
  4. Navigate to the cloud storage system where you uploaded the photo.
  5. Login to your storage system.
  6. Download your image to the image library - Note: You may have to long-press the image to save to the gallery.
  7. Save the your image to the Gallery.

3. Sign-up for ProActive

  1. Press the HOME BUTTON.
  2. Open the ProActive App.
  3. Follow onscreen prompts until you reach the ID section.

4. Add your ID

  1. Press the Photo/ID box.
  2. Choose the Image gallery.
  3. Select your Photo/ID.
  4. Complete remaining steps to finish setting up your account.

Helpful Tips

  • Type Slowly when using and Android Device. Tying too fast using will cause the simulator to zoom.
  • On a PC, your number-pad will not work.
  • For security purposes, leaving the ProActive App will also close it. Since it does not save information, you will need to login and set a pin each time.
  • Use 1111 for the pin since it's temporary and easier to press.
  • After signup we recommend using our web version - ProActive Lite
  • Once you have completed sign up, log into the web app and make a bookmark on your homescreen.